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Construction Updates

Stage 1101 to 154TitledSettled100%
Stage 2201 to 255TitledSettled100%
Stage 3301 to 343TitledSettled 100%
Stage 4401 to 436TitledSettled100%
Stage 5501 to 543July 2019Title Lodgement98%
Stage 6A601 to 635TitledSettled100%
Stage 6B636 to 681July 2019Final Audits95%
Stage 7701 to 740September 2019Electrical Preparation50%
Stage 8801 to 853October 2019Road Base45%
Stage 9901 to 953Q1 2020

Last Updated: 16/07/19

June 2019 Sales and Construction Update


As we race past the halfway point of 2019 we are delighted to bring you another round of construction updates from ID_Land’s Amber in scenic Wollert.

Its cause for celebration in Stage 4, with settlements complete and buyers one step closer to building their forever home in Amber.

In Stages 5 and 6B the final audits and clean-ups are now underway, with titles expected later this month.

The first layer of asphalt has been laid in Stage 7, while road preparations will soon begin in Stage 8 after the current water and gas installation is complete.

Marcel, our passionate sales representative, has been working closely with Builders to create the most attractive house and land packages on the market. With a variety of lots available across Stages 7, 8 and 9A, there are numerous opportunities to work with Marcel and a range of Builders to help make your dream home a reality.

If you’d like to learn more about Amber give our friendly sales team a call on 9684 8176 or visit us at 360 Craigieburn Rd Wollert, Victoria 3750 Australia.

To stay up-to-date with construction updates visit http://www.amberwollert.com.au/news/


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