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Construction Updates

Stage 1101 to 154TitledSettled100%
Stage 2201 to 255TitledSettled100%
Stage 3301 to 343TitledSettled 100%
Stage 4401 to 436TitledSettled100%
Stage 5501 to 543TitledSettled100%
Stage 6A601 to 635TitledSettled100%
Stage 6B636 to 681TitledSettled100%
Stage 7701 to 740November 2019Final Audits95%
Stage 8801 to 853January 2020Footpaths80%
Stage 9A901-905, 909-914, 917-923January 2020Kerb Works45%
Stage 9B906-908, 915-916, 924-953

Last Updated: 7/11/19

November 2019 Sales and Construction Update

Posted: 7/11/19

Construction at ID_Land’s Amber in Wollert is continuing to advance, with progress being made across the already tight-knit community.

Final compliance items are being finalised in Stage 7, where title lodgement is now expected later this month. Meanwhile in Stage 8, electrical installation is complete and the communications installation will soon follow. Over in Stage 9A, concrete works have commenced.

There are still 3 Shape Townhomes for sale at Amber, with prices starting at just $389,000. Inspections of completed townhomes are available, so future residents can experience what life in Wollert could be.

A range of lots are available at Stages 7, 8 and 9A, along with select titled lots meaning you can start building sooner. If you’d like to learn more about Amber give our friendly sales agent, Marcel, a call on 0414 234 520 or visit the team at 360 Craigieburn Rd Wollert.

To stay up-to-date with construction news visit http://www.amberwollert.com.au/news/


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